Production processes of lacquerware


1. Specific design process:

 – Our designer creates the art works and we made the mould according to the drawing of art works

2. Producing support process:

We choose the right material of support for each specific design that must be nice shape, durable and competitive price of each product as follow:
– Most of our boxes, trays, mirror frames, photo frames are made of MDF (Medium Density Fibre wood). MDF is imported from Malaysia or Dong Nai factory in the South of Vietnam was well treated again curvy, broken.
– Most of our art of lacquer vases and sculptures are made of resin with nice shape.
– Most of platters we made of cardboard that good environment.
“This is certify that the above mentioned merchandise containing any composite wood is fully compliant with the new law of California formaldehyde emission control under CARB phase – 1, phase 2…….”
– Bamboo material is collected from forest and against insect with traditional or modern method. Then all the material is put in low humidity area to avoid curvy and broken when it come to low humidity market. With this bamboo our skillful workers start making products following specific samples.

* Quality control is done strictly to choose best one for production line.

3. Lacquer finishing process:

With traditional method, all steps will be divided into two parts: Basic process and completing process.

* Basic process: we use much of natural resin and natural materials: clay, stone powder, sawdust powder…. in the mixing. We use Japanese sanding paper for dry and wet sanding and retouching also after each step. Sanding plays an importance role in manufacturing lacquer. Whenever the surface of product is smooth and plane it come to the next step.

• Completing process: We choose the finishing materials following the client’s requirement. We apply the eggshell, mother of pear, metallic leaf, coconut or colors for solid lacquer…. on the product. As so as previous process, sanding and retouching are more important. Finishing lacquer line with polishing cream or spraying.