A traditional lacquer craft village of Vietnam – Ha Thai lacquer village

A traditional lacquer craft village of Vietnam

A traditional lacquer craft village of Vietnam
Ha Thai lacquer village, in Duyen Thai commune, Hanoi’s Thuong Tin district, has more than 200 years of experience in making lacquer products.
In addition to the traditional legacy left by their ancestors, Ha Thai people with diligence, hard-work and creativity have brought in a new development stage for their locality.
In the past, the village’s craftsmen were familiar with lacquer items trimmed with red and yellow colours, mainly using traditional materials and paints guided by traditional experiences.
Nowadays, in addition to wood, bamboo, MDF, craftsmen add new materials such as composite (polyresin) and ceramic to make their products more unique.
To make a lacquer product, artisans have to perform complex tasks such as bundling the product’s core, decorating, grinding and polishing.
Ha Thai lacquer products not only meet domestic demand but also reach foreign markets.
For years, the locality has been a well-known fine crafts destination for international consumers.
Ha Thai products have been exported to many countries around the world such as the UK, France, Denmark, the US, Spain, Australia, Italy, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.


Usually, each worker will be in charge of a certain stage for the production of each product. In this photo, a craftswoman is polishing a product coated with gold lacquer.


Grinding creates necessary gloss and brightness for lacquer products.


Preparing a product to be finished with silver leaf stick process then lacquer any metallic color.


Products are carefully sorted before entering the next stage of production.


Lacquer products are in various forms, depending on customer orders.


Ha Thai lacquer products in a showroom placed at the village.

Ha Thai lacquer factory

Ha Thai people also create thousands of attractive products to meet the tastes and demands of customers at home and abroad including bowls, plates, vases, trays, paintings, mosaics and many more.

Ha Thai lacquer ceramic vases

A lacquer painting hangs in the background of a set of lacquer artistic vases for decoration.

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Ha Thai lacquer factory

Lacquer products made by Ha Thai villagers attract many tourists.

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